Holistic Health Assessment

Congratulations on your decision to begin an exciting new chapter in your journey to optimal health!

As a New Patient, you will begin with a HOLISTIC HEALTH ASSESSMENT. This will provide Dr. Angela with a complete picture of your health and any factors contributing to your current health concernsYou will have a clear understanding of why you feel the way you do and what’s needed to feel your best After you have completed the HOLISTIC HEALTH ASSESSMENT you will progress to one of the TOTAL HEALTH TRANSFORMATION PROGRAMS 



  • Health Assessment Questionaire

    You will provide information about your current health, past medical history, what you have tried in the past, what you are doing now, your successes, your challenges, where you are feeling stuck, and what you are willing (or not willing to do) to get the results you want. What are your GOALS? Short term? Long term?

  • Comprehensive Medical Records Review

    Dr. Angela will perform a comprehensive review of your past-medical records. She is often able to identify key details and make correlations that have been previously overlooked. You will be asked to provide copies of any pertinent past records.


  • Tell Your Story and Be Heard!

    Dr. Angela creates a safe and confidential environment in which you are able to share your current health concerns. While any diagnoses you have are important, we will focus more on determining the underlying causes that need to be addressed. You are welcome and encouraged to share any aspects of your life. It’s all connected! We will begin to paint a picture of YOUR OPTIMAL HEALTH. *How does optimal health feel for you? *What activities would you do that are currently not possible? *How would optimal health impact your relationships? Your work? Your career?

  • Establish a Functional Timeline

    We will gather and organize your history from childhood until present day to uncover important triggers that may have derailed your health.

  • Comprehensive Laboratory Evaluation

    Dr. Angela has advanced understanding of Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis. She recommends testing that goes beyond the minimum tests ordered by Primary Care Physicians, in order to catch changes in the body long before they manifest as chronic disease. Your results will be analyzed using OPTIMAL reference ranges, not those designed to diagnose disease.


  • Laboratory Report and Findings Tutorial Video

    Prior to your second consultation, Dr. Angela will provide you with a Tutorial Video explaining your lab findings so that you and your loved ones are better able to understand the underlying causes of your symptoms.

  • Total Wellness Action Plan

    Approximately 3-4 weeks after your Initial Consultation, we will meet to discuss Dr. Angela’s research, findings, and assessment. She’ll answer any questions you have. She will provide you with a Total Wellness Action Plan that is designed to address your health concerns to move you towards YOUR GOALS and YOUR OPTIMAL HEALTH.

Your investment of just $595 includes all of the above!


You will receive your Total Wellness Action Plan at the conclusion of your Holistic Health Assessment.

What’s included:

  • Customized Nutrition Plans

    We will determine the right Dietary Plan that works for you and your long term success, eliminating confusion and overwhelm.

  • Personalized Lifestyle Strategy

    We will have ongoing conversations about food, movement, sleep, and mindset as these are the pillars of optimal health.

  • Tailored Supplement Protocols

    These recommendations are tailored for each phase of healing and are adjusted every 4-6 weeks.

  • Unlimited Email Support

    Dr. Angela is available to you between consultations via email. You are welcome to reach out anytime that you have a question or need extra support.

  • Dr. Angela’s Unyielding Stand for Your Health Transformation

    Dr Angela Carlson ND Naturopathic Physician in Las VegasI am 110% committed to your success and standing by you every step of the way. I will be your Doctor, Teacher, Confidant, and Friend to gently guide you on your path to health and wellbeing.


What’s next after your Holistic Health Assessment? Now it’s time to continue your momentum toward your optimal health goals. Having Dr. Angela as your expert mentor, guide and health coach will give you the added advantage to help you successfully achieve your health goals. For this reason we offer as your next step:

Dr. Angela’s Total Health Transformation Program

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