Lab Tests Are Your Health’s Early Warning System

We’ve all heard the story repeated again and again about the person who was diagnosed with cancer, heart disease, diabetes or some other critical condition in the end stages. Unfortunately they did not survive. It’s a tragedy because if their condition had been detected earlier, it could have easily been reversed given the state of the modern tools at our disposal. Lab tests are the early warning system designed to detect health problems early on while the ability to treat and heal is much greater.

However, with the huge array of lab tests available, how can you determine which lab tests are essential? In this webinar, Dr. Angela Carlson gives a thumbnail summary and description of the lab tests most widely used to detect health issues. In addition to being an early warning system, these tests can help physicians guide their patient’s treatment plans and monitor the success of the plans. The tests can also help save the huge medical expenses involved when a health condition is allowed to progress due to being undetected in the early stages.

The information you glean from this webinar can potentially help you live a longer, healthier and more satisfying life. 

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