Get Off to the Right Start with Your New Patient Package

You deserve to have a physician who takes the time and attention to become familiar with your health situation and history. I ask key questions and listen carefully to get an idea how you perceive your health status. I believe that your thoughts and feelings are very important.

I’ll conduct and/or order some key diagnostic tests and review your medical history. Then we’ll meet a second time to review these findings together and create your optimal health strategy.

One key element that set’s me apart from other physicians is the level of personal attention I give to every client. Our initial visit my last up to 90 minutes or more. On the other hand, many physicians schedule their time so tightly that they can only give each client an average of 7 minutes per visit.

What’s Included in Your New Patient Package?

  1. Initial Visit: Comprehensive Health Consultation
  2. Followup Visit: Report of Findings & Comprehensive Treatment Plan

Both for $425 ($100 deposit required to schedule.)

Initial Visit: Comprehensive Health Consultation

Discovery Conversation

During your first office visit, we’ll focus on obtaining the information from you that I need in order to identify the underlying causes of your symptoms. I will discuss your health concerns and health history including past medical history, family history, stress, diet, lifestyle, medications and supplements that you take.​

Recent Labs Review & Recommendation

I’ll review any labs or imaging that you have had recently. I will then discuss what standard and alternative lab tests that I recommend you do. For more information about the standard and specialty labs that I frequently recommends, click here.

I may make basic treatment recommendations during the initial consult. The comprehensive treatment plan is provided at your second office visit after I have reviewed your labs and all the information that you provided at the initial visit.

Initial Followup Visit:
Report of Findings & Comprehensive Treatment Plan

At your second office visit, I will provide you with your comprehensive treatment plan.

I will have reviewed the information from your first office visit and the results of the recommended labs. I will thoroughly review everything with you, so that you understand what is going on.

Comprehensive Treatment Plan​

Your treatment plan is specific to you and will address your health concerns and goals.

Recommendations may include:​

  • Dietary – What we eat plays a vital role in our health. I will tailor dietary suggestions specifically to you. I often provide general recommendations at the initial visit and more specific recommendations at the second office visit after I have thoroughly reviewed your health history and lab work.
  • Lifestyle – With the focus on optimal health and wellness, addressing sleep, exercise, and stress are essential. I may make movement and exercise suggestions, as well as ways to reduce and manage stress.
  • Supplements – I use only the best quality supplements from reputable companies. I will make recommendations based both on your symptoms and your lab results. I make the majority of recommendations suggestions at the second visit after thoroughly reviewing your case.​
  • Referrals – I will help facilitate any referrals that are necessary or that I feel you would benefit from. I work regularly with Acupuncturists, Massage therapists, Nutritionists, Health Coaches, Chiropractors, as well as conventional physicians.

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