About Dr. Angela Carlson, ND - Naturopathic Doctor In Las Vegas

Address Dis-ease and Restore Health!

Are you ready for sustained energy, improved digestion, mental clarity, and a life without pain? 

Looking for a practitioner that is committed to your success and addresses the root cause of your health issues? 

Let’s connect and get you started on your journey to optimal health today!

How I'm Different

My practice is like nothing you have ever experienced …

My focus is on complete health restoration, NOT simply identifying and addressing “dis-ease”…

Ready to get your health back on track for good?

Why Membership Is The Secret Power To Your Success ...

How Membership Works

I purposefully keep my practice small in order to provide exceptional high-touch care. I only invite select clients to join my Membership program that are truly committed to addressing underlying cause, change, and growth. 

This is why I require that all those interested in joining start with a 30-minute phone Strategy Session to see if we are a good fit. 

My goal is to help you GRADUATE from my program with a clear plan and your “core” wellness protocol suited to exactly what you need. 

Complimentary Strategy Consult

A 30-minute phone chat to discuss your symptoms, struggles, and health goals.

Invitation to Join Membership

If you are a good fit, you will be invited to join Membership during our Strategy Call.

Monthly Follow-Up's & Group Coaching

Monthly one-on-one virtual and / or in person consultations, access to group online coaching.

Graduation & Health Optimization

Health transformation, clarity, & confidence. Individualized elite health optimization program.

All Membership Levels Include

*Cost of testing is not included in monthly membership fee. 

Choose Your Level of Membership

Choose the level of membership that best suits your needs for care.

All levels of membership REQUIRE A 3-MONTH MINIMUM 


For those with complex symptoms that are dramatically impacting your quality of life limiting your ability to function daily. You have not started with any lifestyle changes.
$ 399 Monthly
  • 90 minutes monthly
  • 20% Supplement Discount
  • Functional Medicine Testing Available


For those with complex symptoms that are moderately impacting your quality of life. You have started making some lifestyle changes and need guidance, support and direction.
$ 299 Monthly
  • 60 minutes monthly
  • 15% Supplement Discount
  • Functional Medicine Testing Available


For those that have few heatlh concerns or symptoms and overall feel well. You have a healthy lifestyle and are looking to focus on health opimization and prevention.
$ 199 Monthly
  • 30 minutes monthly
  • 15% Supplement Discount
  • Functional Medicine Testing NOT available

A one time case review fee of $299 is added to your first month of membership.

In Our Client's Own Words…

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