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Address Dis-ease and Restore Health!

Are you ready for sustained energy, improved digestion, mental clarity, and a life without pain? 

Looking for a practitioner that is committed to your success and addresses the root cause of your health issues? 

Let’s connect and get you started on your journey to optimal health today!

Ready to get your health back on track for good and partner with a Doctor that genuinely cares about you?

My practice is like nothing you have ever experienced …

My focus is on complete health restoration by identifying and addressing root cause ….

This Functional Medicine Membership is the key to your success!

You deserve more than a 5-10 minute doctor visit and a prescription! 

Creating sustainable change in our physiology takes time to unravel. 

Enrolling in Membership is the key, as it allows for ongoing support in your healing journey with private appointments, discounts, classes, and group support.

Membership provides you the ongoing support you have been craving! 

How Membership Works

Complimentary Strategy Consult

A 30-minute phone call to discuss your symptoms, struggles, and health goals and to see if we are a good fit.

Invitation to Join Membership

If you are a good fit, you will be invited to join Membership during our Strategy Call.

Monthly Follow-Up's & Group Coaching

Monthly one-on-one virtual and / or in person consultations, access to group online coaching.

Graduation & Health Optimization

Health transformation, clarity, & confidence. Ongoing support and learning.

Strategy Call

I purposefully keep my practice small in order to provide exceptional high-touch care and invite those to membership that are truly committed to addressing underlying cause, change, and growth. 

The first step to join is a 30-minute phone Strategy Call to see if we are a good fit. 

During your call, you will share your health concerns and your goals and I will share my initial impressions and what to expect if we decide to move forward.
You will have time to ask questions about my experience, approach, and philosophy as well as any other logistical questions you may have.
At the end of the call, we will decide if we are . If not, then I will do my best to refer you to a practitioner that may be a better match.
If you are a great fit, you will be invited to join membership and move forward with booking your Initial Consultation.

At the end of your call you will:

Premium Membership

Complete Case Review, Initial Intake, Comprehensive Lab Evaluation, Action Plan & Support

Your Complete Case Review, thorough Initial Intake, and Comprehensive Lab Evaluation most often take place during the first 3 months of membership. 

During this time, I gather as much information as possible, order additional blood work and take the time needed to understand your overall health picture. You and I work collaboratively to create the best strategy to get you well. 

Complete Case Review

I spend the necessary time diligently digging deep into your case, thoroughly reviewing your health history including past medical records and lab results that you provide. With my expertise in optimal reference ranges and emphasis on prevention, I identify often overlooked areas and make connections that may have been missed. 

Initial Intake

You are invited to book your Initial Intake during your Strategy Call. Your Initial Intake is included in your first month of membership.
During this 75-90 minute visit, you tell your story and are heard. We discuss your health history, symptoms, goals, nutrition and lifestyle to get a complete picture of your health. 

Comprehensive Lab Evaluation*

Your comprehensive lab evaluation includes a complete blood work analysis and functional medicine testing recommendations individualized to your needs and goals.
During your Initial Consultation, we discuss what additional testing will be most helpful in establishing a comprehensive baseline of your health and in determining underlying causes. 

Strategic Action Plan

After each consultation, your detailed Strategic Action Plan will include mindset/ lifestyle tools, dietary and nutrition guidance, targeted supplementation, and a lab tracker to monitor your progress. Your Initial Plan will help provide you with immediate relief so that you can begin to feel better right away. 


Your Action Plan is adjusted after each visit as we work through each of your health concerns, address underlying causes, as you continue to feel better, and as your goals shift over time. 

Support Between Visits

Support is available to you between visits through direct portal messaging and weekly open office hours. You are always welcome to send updates and ask questions. You also have access to a growing library of online courses so you always get the support you need to make progress. 

After completing the Initial 3 Months of Membership you will:

Advanced Membership

Ongoing Monthly Comprehensive Care & Support

After completing your initial 3-months of Premium membership, you have the option to continue at Premium or change to Advanced or Basic. The Advanced Level includes monthly 45-consultations and is ideal for ongoing care. 

The majority of clients experience longer lasting, sustainable results with monthly consultations for 6-9 months.

Monthly Consultations - 45 minutes

During your monthly consultations we focus on addressing the underlying causes discovered during your Comprehensive Case Review & Evaluation. We continue to implement your Strategic Plan based on your health and short and long term goals. Most likely, you will approach your healing in several stages, as it is nearly impossible to tackle everything at once.

We prioritize the things that are likely to make the most impact so you can experience results as soon as possible. We’ll track your progress as you go and make adjustments as needed. We’ll celebrate your wins, talk about about where you are feeling stuck, and work through challenges as they come up. 

Ongoing Case Review

Speed bumps are expected along the way! You may need to “speed up” or “slow down” based on life circumstances. I will be continuously reviewing your case, researching between appointments and updating your Strategic Plan as needed. 

Ongoing Blood Chemistry Tracking*

Ongoing lab evaluations and tracking are key components to your success. Tracking your results helps us gauge your progress and give insights into where we may need to make adjustments.

Ongoing Access to Functional Medicine Testing*

As we move forward, it is likely you will benefit from additional functional medicine tests as we dive deeper into your root causes.

Ongoing Support

Ongoing support continues to be available between visits through direct portal message messaging and weekly open office hours. online courses, and weekly office hours. You also have access to a growing library of online courses so you always get the support you need to make progress. 

After completing 3-6 months of Advanced Membership you will:

Basic Access

Support, Learning & Health Optimization

Basic Access is available after completing your initial 3-months of Premium Membership. 

The majority of clients experience longer lasting, sustainable results with monthly consultations for 6-9 months.

Basic Access provides you the ongoing support and learning for long term care and health optimization with access to online programs and Open Office Hours. 

With Basic Access you have access to “a la carte” appointments.

All Membership Levels Include

* Cost of lab testing is not included in monthly membership fee 


New Clients - First 3-months

Complete Case Review, Initial Consultation, Comprehensive Lab Evaluation, Initial Strategic Action Plan

Deep dive into your case to determine underlying causes

  • Comprehensive Case Review
  • 75-90 minute Initial Consultation
  • 60-75 minutes monthly w/ Dr Angela
  • Comprehensive Blood Work Evaluation*
  • Functional Medicine Testing Recommendations*
  • 15% Supplement Discount
  • Portal Messaging with Dr. Angela


Available after initial 3-months

Monthly Consultations & Support

Ideal to address underlying causes identified during Case Review & Evaluation

  • Periodic Case Review
  • Up to 45 minutes monthly w/ Dr. Angela
  • Ongoing comprehensive lab assessment & tracking*
  • Functional Medicine Testing Recommendations*
  • 15% Supplement Discount
  • Portal Messaging with Dr. Angela


Available after initial 3-months

Health Optimization, Support, and Learning

Ideal once symptoms are significantly improved

  • 10% Supplement Discount
  • "Pay As You Go"
  • 45 minutes $329
  • 2 Portal Messages per month

Membership is a 3-month minimum commitment at Premium Level.

A one time $299 case review is required to secure your Initial Consultation.

*The cost of blood work and functional medicine testing is not included in membership.

In Our Client's Own Words…

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