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Dr. Angela Carlson

Unlike conventional medicine that focus more on the diagnosis and prescription, Dr. Angela Carlson takes a much more holistic approach. By discoverying the real reasons that you feel “off”, which are not always obvious, she can create a personalized transformational healing plan just for you. 

Dr. Angela believes that everyone deserves connection to nature and awareness of the natural healing ability of their own body. She is passionate about educating and empowering others about their bodies, especially all of their options around how to heal naturally. 

Dr. Angela helps those that have been recently diagnosed with an autoimmune condition or those that have concerns of developing autoimmunity. She works to identify one’s unique autoimmune blueprint – thier individual set of underlying triggers that are causing inflammation and leading to challenging symptoms. She helps to find ways to go into remission and ideally remove total reliance on pharmaceutical medications.

Although many people may believe there is no way to completely reverse or avoid autoimmune conditions, she has found in her practice diet, nutrition, and lifestyle modifications combined with advanced testing strategies can be an incredibly effective approach to significantly improving many of the chronic often debilitating symptoms.

While every case is unique, there are many dietary, environmental, lifestyle factors like sleep and stress, wide-spread nutritional deficiencies, gut imbalances, and stealth infections at play.

This is why, it’s her mission to take the time to go deeper with clients beginning with a thorough medical intake and case review, comprehensive Functional Medicine testing to identify underlying causes unique to each person and then targeted protocols for each phase of healing.

Dr. Angela Carlson is a Board Certified, Licensed Naturopathic Doctor and Functional Medicine Practitioner. She received her Doctorate degree from the National University of Naturopathic Medicine in Portland, Oregon. After completing 2 years of Residency in General Medicine, she practiced as a Primary Care Physician in Southern Oregon. In 2018, she relocated to Las Vegas where she started her own solo-practitioner practice.

Dr. Angela is originally from a very small town in upstate New York. She has lived all over the west coast. Some of her favorite places are Southern Oregon, Portland, Oregon, Taos, New Mexico, and Northern Arizona. 

When she is not working hard for her clients, she can be found hiking the trails around Las Vegas or traveling to see live music with her close friends.

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