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Fatigue? Constipation? Depression? Anxiety? Infertility? Goiter? Feeling Cold? Muscle Aches? Weight Gain? Hair Loss? Changes in Menses? Frequent Colds and Flus? Impaired Memory?

Explore Thyroid Issues

Chronic Stress? Feeling Wired, But Tired? Palpitations? Anxiety? Difficulties Sleeping? Dizziness with Standing? Low Blood Pressure? Body Aches? Muscle Pain? Unexplained Weight Loss or Weight Gain? Low Libido? Thyroid Imbalances? Poor Exercise Tolerance and Recovery? Brain Fog? Salt and Sugar Cravings?

Explore Adrenal Issues

Gas? Bloating? Abdominal Pain? Irritable Bowel? Constipation? Diarrhea? Heartburn? Reflux? Weight Loss? Weight Gain? Autoimmune Disease?

Explore Digestive Issues

Inflammation and Pain? Damaged and deformed Tissues? Loss of Function?

Explore Autoimmune Issues

High Cholesterol? High Blood Pressure? Heart Disease? Systemic Inflammation? Inflammation within Artery Walls? Family History of Cardiovascular Disease?

Explore Cardiovascular Issues

Fatigue? Abdominal Weight Gain? Acne? Sugar and Carb cravings? Elevated Blood Sugar? Hypoglycemia? High Cholesterol? Frequent Infections? Numbness or Tingling? Sexual Dysfunction? Skin Tags? High Blood Pressure? Swelling in the Ankles? Difficulties Concentrating?

Explore Pre-Diabetes / Diabetes Issues

Menopause / Perimenopause / Irregular Menses / PMS / PCOS / Hormone Imbalance / Uterine Fibroids / Ovarian Cysts

Explore Women’s Health Issues

Erectile Dysfunction / Low Libido / Fatigue / Prostate Health / Weight Gain

Explore Men’s Health Issues

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Dr. Angela Carlson, ND, Board Certified Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine

Dr. Angela Carlson began her early life in a small Upstate NY town and went on to explore some fascinating places including a remote community in the North Cascades National Park that could only be accessed by a boat or float plane. She studied ecology in college and was fascinated with the interconnections of the natural world. Her favorite subjects were Nutrition and Physiology and she had a strong desire to understand how the body works. She found in Naturopathic Medicine a profession that allows her to combine her passion for nature, nutrition, and physiology, while also providing a career path which helps others!

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New Patient Package

Congratulations on your intention to begin the journey to your optimal health through the very best natural healthy approach with expert guidance and support! This is a significant step that will have a direct effect on the quality of your life, relationships and happiness from this day onward.

Every individual’s approach to optimal health is a unique journey. This journey is affected by factors in your physical make-up and health history, your habits, your primary relationships and friendships, your thoughts and beliefs concerning your health, your expectations about what’s possible and desirable.

For this reason, we begin your journey to optimal health with a thorough and thoughtful assessment of all of the above factors. We follow this assessment with a second visit in which we develop your optimal health strategy.

To make these both comprehensive and affordable, we have created a New Patient Package which includes both your Initial Consultation and Follow-Up Report and Optimal Health Strategy.

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Step Toward Your Optimal Health - Call Dr. Carlson Now


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