Specializing in Naturopathic and Functional Medicine Solutions to Autoimmune Conditions and Digestive Health

Work with Dr. Angela Carlson, Naturopathic Doctor

To get started working together toward your optimal health goals, please consider these four questions:

  • Are you frustrated with your health condition, no matter what you do, you don’t feel well?

  • Do you need relief from overwhelm with health issues that don’t go away despite working with many doctors?

  • Do you long to have results that last?

  • Are you ready to finally get answers about your health concerns?

If you answered yes to one or more of these questions, I invite you to join me in the discovery of your path and journey towards optimal health. We’re going to move away from the symptom management and fast food model of conventional medicine and towards your personalized path to wellness.

Let’s get started!

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3 Steps to Feeling New Health, Energy and Life

  • 30-Minute Discovery Call

    This 30-MINUTE NO OBLIGATION DISCOVERY PHONE CALL is our opportunity to discuss your health concerns and how your health challenges are impacting your daily life. You will be able to ask questions and learn ways in which Dr. Angela’s philosophy and approach can benefit you.

  • Discovery Call Request Form

    To maximize our 30-minutes together, please fill out the DISCOVERY CALL QUESTIONNAIRE in detail.

  • Book Your Holistic Health Assessment

    At the conclusion of the call, if we decide we’re a good fit and you’re ready to move forward you’ll schedule your HOLISTIC HEALTH ASSESSMENT.

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  • Comprehensive Medical Intake

    Your HOLISTIC HEALTH ASSESSMENT includes the first two visits with Dr. Angela and allows for us to get to know one another on a deeper level. She will holistically assess your health challenges and goals using detailed diagnostic questions and expert evaluation of laboratory tests.

  • Complete Health Picture

    By the time we’re done you’ll understand the complete picture of your health and all the factors that may be contributing to how you feel.

  • Choose Your Health Transformation Program

    Now that you have a clearer understanding of what is needed to move you toward your ideal picture of new health, energy, and life, we’ll decide which TOTAL HEALTH TRANSFORMATION PROGRAM is best for you.

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  • Ongoing Momentum Toward Optimal Health

    Following your HOLISTIC HEALTH ASSESSMENT it’s time to continue the momentum toward reaching your optimal health goals by transitioning into one of Dr. Angela’s TOTAL HEALTH TRANSFORMATION PROGRAMS.

  • Address Root Cause

    We will dive deep into your underlying causes and triggers and customize a plan to address your unique circumstances.

  • Your Personal Mentor and Health Coach

    Having Dr. Angela as your expert mentor, guide and health coach can give you the added advantage that helps you successfully achieve your health goals.

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Based In Las Vegas But Also Serving Clients Remotely

Consultations are available in person or via video conference. It is my preference to have your first consultation in person, but it is not required.

Payment and Insurance

In the state of Nevada, Naturopathic Physicians DO NOT have the option to be credentialed with insurance companies. In addition, I am able to give clients my best service when not limited by the direction of a third party insurance company. For these reasons I do not bill health insurance plans. Payment is due at the time of service.

Your Next Steps

    2. Complete and submit the 30-MINUTE DISCOVERY CALL REQUEST FORM.
    3. We will contact you to book your 30-MINUTE DISCOVERY CALL.
    4. At the conclusion of the call, if we’re a good fit we’ll schedule your HOLISTIC HEALTH ASSESSMENT visits and get started!

Let’s connect! Please contact me for a complimentary 30-minute Discovery Call.

To help you receive the most value from this call, please tell me a little about your health concerns, then I’ll contact you to schedule your discovery call.

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