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Root Cause Holistic Healthcare

Dr. Angela is all about root cause resolution, giving you the most comprehensive holistic care for all aspects of your health. Start your healing journey to improved wellness today with our unique functional and lifestyle medicine program

Our Unique Approach

Our Root Cause Roadmap is a unique approach to help women regain their energy, focus and gut health, naturally without prescriptions so they can live life fully, feeling and looking their best… especially if you’ve already seen lots of doctors.

We partner with each client to achieve these steps, starting with the Review & Identify Phase:

During the intake, we’ll review your past medical history and any previous lab tests, so we can assess symptoms or anything your other practitioners might have missed.

Next, we'll determine the need for additional lab tests to help pinpoint the real reasons for your chronic symptoms and to understand your current nutritional, hormone, stress, and inflammation levels.

After that, we'll prioritize an initial plan to provide you with immediate symptom relief – utilizing a variety of lifestyle, nutritional, and supplement recommendations.

The next three steps focus on rebooting your sleep, stress, gut, and hormones. We’ll strengthen your parasympathetic tone to help you shift from “fight or flight” to “rest and digest” mode - while dialing down inflammatory signals to help give you deeper, more quality sleep and help your nervous system manage daily stressors.

Next we’ll focus on restoring and optimizing gut function, starting with pathogens & stealth infections that are often at the root of gut dysbiosis. We’ll focus on repairing the gut lining to reestablish intestinal integrity so we can lower inflammation and undo the damage caused by things like leaky gut.

The last step in the Gut Health phase is dedicated to replenishing the microbiome to properly digest food, improve nutrient absorption as well as neurotransmitter production important for balanced mood.

Once we make headway with rebooting your gut health, we’ll turn our attention to rebalancing your hormones, energy and metabolism.

In the hormone rebalancing step, we provide thyroid and adrenal support to restore energy and improve metabolism. We also cover blood sugar balance and address possible insulin resistance that can keep you from losing weight and feeling energized.

The final step of our Root Cause Roadmap focuses on mindset and resilience to provide you with a strong mind, body, and immune system so you can live a vibrant life filled with joy.

How Our Approach Is Different?

Working with Dr. Angela Carlson, you will be supported every step of the way. She intentionally keeps her practice small, in order to provide you with the appropriate support to ensure your success. Our holistic, integrative medicine approach focuses on:

Using a variety of modalities, including using food as medicine in tandem with state of the art testing.

Focusing holistically on all the areas that impact your health… including mind, emotions, and mindset.

Teaching clients how to take an active role in health creation, so that they can heal and/or keep chronic illness at bay.

Acknowledging the multi-factorial nature of complex causes of illness, which requires an experienced clinician who can pinpoint the reasons you have the illness and craft the correct protocol and plan.

Using natural, non-toxic therapies, as much as possible, harnessing the body’s amazing ability to heal itself.

How It Works

Over the course of 3-9 months, we provide a personalized roadmap to discover root causes that includes the Health Discovery Program and Heal and Thrive Membership. Most of our clients experience significant improvements in their wellness within the first few weeks of their program.

Complimentary Strategy Call

A 30-minute Strategy Consult to identify the key problems along with the best next steps.

Initial Visit

In-depth 75-minute intake visit to review your history and create a solid plan and protocol.

Health Discovery Program

3-Month Program to determine root causes and a roadmap for healing

Heal & Thrive Membership

45-minute monthly consultations to support you as you heal and thrive

We offer a high-touch, personalized  care approach where you will feel heard and supported every step of the way. 

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